Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter
Is Razor E200 Electric Scooter Any Good?

Razor electric scooters come in different shapes and sizes. Some are sit-down models such as Razor’s E300S and E500S. Others, like the Razor E200 scooters are stand-up riding models, which can make the ride more fun and challenging. The E200 has adjustable handle bars to accommodate all sizes of riders and can hit speeds up to 12 miles per hour, which is safe enough for balancing and not so slow to hinder traffic. With 45 minutes per battery charge, it is the perfect scooter for ages 12 on up.

Razor E200 scooters have a full size deck to stand on, so it can handle riders of all sizes, safely. With a weight limit capacity of 220 pounds, it can accommodate larger children and adults, too. It is one of the more affordable Razor electric scooters, and some are listed on the Internet for less than $200, which makes it a great gift.

Scooters are a great alternative transportation mode for short trips, and the Razor E200 scooters are lightweight at 45 pounds, so it is easy to pack in the trunk of the car for trips to the park or vacations.

Scooters in the sit-down models, which end in S, (for seated) are more costly, and some riders think they seem more awkward than models like the Razor E200 scooters. Since the sit-down models are more expensive, (most start at over $200 and up), stand-up scooters are still very popular, especially with younger riders.

This scooter comes with a sturdy, double-welded frame, extra-large pneumatic tires, auto-adjusting chain tension, twist throttle for higher torque, a hand-operated rear brake and a pair of 12-volt batteries. The pneumatic tires give you a smoother ride and the hand-operated rear brake allows for smooth stops.

Because it is safe to ride at speeds up to 12 mile per hour, it allows teenagers the freedom to go visit friends or after school activities, without depending on parents to transport them in cars giving more freedom in schedules for parents and kids alike.

Since the pair of 12-volt batteries are good for 45 minutes of continuous riding, before slowing during the last 5 minutes of charge and ride time, it’s good for any trips around the neighborhood in a several mile radius. It can take up to ten hours to fully recharge the battery power, so you need to be sure to allow for these figures when riding.

Because Razor electric scooters take no gas to operate, they are safe for the environment, and easily recharged for minimal electrical cost from a household outlet. When looking for a great gift, that is fun and practical, consider the Razor E200 Scooters one of the most affordable choices.

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Make Your Razor Scooter Run Faster

The electric scooter line as well as the kick scooter line from Razor can reach pretty good speeds. There are a lot of ways to keep your scooter riding faster for longer. Your scooter can have a very long life if you take care of it well. The kick scooters will continue to ride smooth and fast, and the electric scooters will last longer and travel faster and farther if you keep good care of it.

If you have a kick scooter you probably know by now that they can really take a beating by all the riding. If you try tricks then your scooter even takes more of a beating. The more wear and tear on your scooter the shorter the life it will have and the slower it will ride. One of the first things you can do if you feel your scooter is traveling slowly is to change the wheels and bearings. New wheels can really help improve the speed of your scooter. You can also practice new riding techniques. Keep your body in tight to the scooter to reduce the wind resistance. Make sure that you always store your scooter inside a garage or house. This will help the scooter last much longer. If your scooter gets rained on or left out in the cold it could affect the smoothness of the overall ride. You do not want mud or rust to get into the main steering or wheel components.

If you have an electric Razor scooter you know that there are many more things that can go wrong with the electric scooter to hinder the performance. That is why the way you care for your electric scooter is more important then even the way you care for a kick scooter. First always store your scooter indoors. You never want an electric scooter left outside because if rain gets into the battery or wires it could be very bad. Any type of physical damage has the potential to slow your scooter down. It is a good practice to ride your scooter until the battery runs completely out. Then fully recharge the battery before riding again. This will prolong the life of your electric scooter and therefore keep you riding faster for longer. If your scooter gets real dirty especially by the mechanics of it then before you are done just wipe of the dirt. When the mud or dirt dries up it can become dusty and get into the small parts of your motor more easily so clean your scooter if it gets muddy. In order to ride faster always make sure that your wheels are okay and if they need replacing then replace them.

Now that you have kept your scooter in good shape you want to actually jump on it and ride faster. Some good techniques for riding faster are keep your body in close and tight to the scooter to reduce wind drag. Try to ride on the smoothest path, and obviously riding downhill will always improve your speed. Remember to always be safe and have fun riding fast on your Razor electro scooter.

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter Review

Cruise the side streets in style with Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter. Featuring a high-performance, chain-driven electric motor and a vintage-inspired body, the Pocket Mod can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour—plenty fast enough for a quick trip to the corner store or a fun ride in the country. The scooter also teams a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system to ensure a comfortable ride. Other features include a retractable kickstand, variable-speed acceleration, a padded seat, and a built-in battery that travels for up to 10 miles on a single charge.

The Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter, which is designed for ages 12 and up and offers a weight maximum of 150 pounds, is also backed by a 90-day warranty.


* For ages 12+
* High performance electric motor
* Can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge

* Can reach speeds up to 15 miles per hour* 150-pound weight limit
* Scaled-down classic scooter design
* Single speed, chain-driven motor for maximum power transfer
* Pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
* Retractable center-mount kickstand
* Storage compartment under seat

If you have a flare for the retro, the Razor Pocket Mod Bistro is sure to fit your sensibility. The scaled down classic vespa scooter design carries riders up to 220lbs and can travel over 10 miles on a single charge, making it a perfect choice for both teenagers and adults. With large 12” pneumatic tires and rear suspension, the Razor Pocket Mod” offers a smooth ride, and at speeds up to 15 MPH the Pocket Mod” gets you there in style and on time.

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Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter